Physical Assault Against Ronak Safarzadeh in Prison

ronakMs. Ronak Safarzadeh, an imprisoned student and a member of the Cultural and Social Association of Women of Azarmehr in Kurdistan has been subjected to numerous physical assaults by other prison mates.  These assaults have taken place under the strict direction of prison authorities who have encouraged these kinds of brutal attacks on Ms. Safarzadeh.

Ms. Safarzadeh has suffered serious injuries as a result of these attacks.  Further it has been reported that a number of other political and social prisoners have been subjected to the same types of brutal attacks.

Ms. Safarzadeh has been in pre-trial custody for the past 20 months as a result of her social and women’s rights activities.

It has been reported that about a month ago, both male and female political prisoners I the prison of Sanandaj have been transferred to the section of the prison where very dangerous prisoners are being held.  This has been done under the pretence of repairing the wards where political prisoners are being held.

It must be noted that these prisoners (close to 103 of them) had been held in a very small and confined space for three (3) weeks before they were transferred to where the dangerous prisoners are being held.

Report by:  Cultural and Social Association of Women of Azarmehr in Kurdistan


Suicide of a 20 Yers old woman in the City of Muchesh

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:  A 20 years old woman named “Khoshghadam Saedmuchishi” a resident of the city of “Muchesh” in the Sanandaj area, set herself on fire, and after a number of days in the hospital passed away.

Ms. Saedmuchishi had a two (2) years old child and it is stated that the reason for her suicide was social and psychological pressures.

Although Ms. Shabnam Madadzadeh has been Granted Bail Judge Hadad Refuses to Release Her

madadzadehStudent Council of Defense of Human Rights in KurdistanEven though Mr. Shabnam Madadzadeh has been granted a 50 million Toman bail, Judge Hadad refuses to release her.

On May 27th 2009, even though all conditions for Ms. Madadzadeh’s bail had been met and the 50 millio Toman bail had been turned into court authorities, Judge Hadad refused to grant her release.

According to Ms. Madadzadeh’s lawyer Judge Hadad has charged her with “ Fighting against the Regime” and “propaganda against the Regime”.  Judge Hadad is well known for his mistreatment of student activists.

In the past few weeks Judge Hadad convicted numerous “Amir Kabir” University students on charges of “involvement with opposition groups outside the country”, “organizing events against the upcoming election” and “drinking alcohol”. 

It must be noted that Ms. Madadzadeh and her brother have been in pre-trial custody in the Evin Prison since February 20th.  Last week they were both allowed a one hour visitation with their family, where they informed their family that their interrogation had been completed and they had been transferred to the common ward in Evin Prison.  Their families are extremely concerned about their health and well being.

Ms. Madadzadeh is a student in Teachers Training Collage in Tehran and also an executive in student organization “Tahkime Vahdat”.  Her brother Mr. Farzad Madadzadeh is a taxi driver in the city of Karaj.

Sohrab Karimi Ordered to Pay a Large Fine Instead of His Previous Prison Sentance

imagesStudent Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:  Sohrab Krimi, a kurdish student attending an Islamic University in Tehran, who according to section 500 of the islamic criminal code was previously sentenced to 2 years prison and 74 lashes, got news of having to pay ransom instead yesterday in an Islamic court.

As such, the court nullified his previous prison sentence and instead ordered him to pay 20 million rials for his previous prison sentence and 1 million rial for having had to endure 74 lashes. 

Sohrab had already spent 74 days in solitary confinement in section 209 of Evin prison.

Behrouz Javid Tehrani on his 16th day of Hunger Strike

behrouzStudent Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:  According to news received from Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani’s family, Mr. Tehrani is currently on his 16th day of hunger strike.

Mr. Tehrani was forcefully transferred to Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison (torture chambers) also known as “dark hole” or “the end of the road” more than 2 weeks ago.  While in Section 1 of the prison he has been subjected to brutal torture, including being beaten by batons while blindfolded and handcuffed.

According to his family Mr. Tehrani is in an extremely poor mental and physical state.

Mr. Tehrani is a pro-democracy activist who was originally arrested during the July 9th 1999 (18 Tir) pro-democracy student demonstrations, and has spent most of the last decade in Islamic Regime prisons.  For the past four (4) years Mr. Tehrani has been imprisoned in the infamous Gohardasht Prison, which is known for housing extremely dangerous criminals and for its terrible treatment of political prisoners.

It must be noted that even behind bars Mr. Tehrani has continued his pro-democracy activities and this is one of the reasons behind the inhumane treatment of Mr. Tehrani by Regime Officials.

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan condemns the inhumane treatment of Mr. Tehrani and urges all human rights organizations and international entities to voice their concern over the torture and imprisonment of Mr. Tehrani in Gohardasht Prison.

Another Street Merchant Shot to Death in Piranshahr

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:Mr. Abdollah Azizi Asemani, a resident of the city of “Piranshahr” was shot at by security forces a few days and died as a result.  His body was turned over to his family two days ago.  The security forces subject Kurdish residents to illegal shootings during which many Kurdish citizens have lost their lives. To date, the security forces have not been held responsible for their illegal actions against unarmed citizens.

Mr. Sabah Nasri and Mr. Hedayat Ghazali have been Expelled from University

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: Mr. Sabah Nasri and Mr. Hedayat Ghazali who were released from prison in January 2009 after 1.5 years of imprisonment have been expelled from university, due to their student activism.

After their release from prison these students applied to thesabah-u-hidayatir respective universities, in order to be allowed to continue their education, however both universities have rejected this request and expelled these students.

Mr. Hedayat Ghazali was a psychology student in the University of “Tabatabayi” and also wrote for the student paper “Rojame”.  Mr. Sabah Nasri was a political science student in Tehran University.  He was also the editor of the student publication “Mazbur” which was in operation until Mr. Nasri’s arrest.

These two students were originally arrested in the city of Sanandaj.  They were in pre-trial custody for 14 months and were transferred to Section 209 of the Evin Prison on numerous occasions.

After 5 court proceedings they were both sentenced to two years of imprisonment by Branch 13 of the Revolutionary Courts.  They were convicted of “Propaganda Against the Regime” and “Participating in illegal gatherings on the occasion of International Mother Tongue Day.”  However on appeal their sentence was reduced to 1.5 years imprisonment and they were released on January 5th 2009.

Increase in the Recent Arrest of Kurdish Citizens

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: In the past few days tens of Kurdish individuals have been arrested by security forces and taken to unknown locations.

In the village of “Salvat Abad” in the city of Sanandaj the security forces attacked the homes of number of residents at 4:00am on May 10th 2009 and arrested number of young men including Mr. Chiya Rahimi(22).  They beat him and took him to an unknown location.

In the city of Sanandaj security forces arrested a male named Mr. Farshad Jalali.  After searching his home and confiscating his computer and some of his personal belongings he was also taken to an unknown location.

Further in the past few days security forces have arrested number of individuals around the “Kamyaran” area.

Arrests in the City of Kamyaran:

On Wednesday May 6th 2009, six individuals were arrested in the village of “Alek” as well the homes of these individuals were subjected to search.  The names of the individuals arrested are as follows:  Mr. Keyhan Pirouzi, Mr, Ghahreman Pirouzi, Mr. Saman Pirouzi, Mr. Reybavar Pirouzi, Mr. Fardin Veysi and Mr. Akam Pirmaghani.

Further three individuals in the village of “Nilkuy” were arrested and there is currently no news about their whereabouts.

Further in this city a lawyer named Javad Marabi was arrested at his work place and taken to an unknown location.

Another young individual who was recently arrested is Mr. Khaled Gholami from the village of “Palangan”.  Mr. Gholami has travelled to the city of Kamyaran in order to buy medicine for his ill mother.  After his arrest security forces searched his home and announced that Mr. Gholami’s younger brother Mr. Saraj Gholami (18) must also turn himself in to the authorities.  The mother of these brothers passed away yesterday however the security forces are still insisting that Mr. Saraj Ghoalmi turn himself in even at this difficult time for the family.  This situation has caused great concern for the residents of this area.

Further Mr. Verya Naghashbandi was arrested at 8:00am on Monday May 4th 2009 in the city of “Mazkur” and taken to an unknown location.  Mr. Naghashbandi is a labour as well as a social activist.  He has not had any contact with his family since his arrest.

On Thursday May 7th 2009 security forces arrested three other residents of the village of “Shaygani”.  These individuals are:  Mr. Moslem Khateri, Mr. Zahed Ghayadi and Mr. Anwar Setami.  These individuals were also taken to an unknown location.

Further Mr. Amir Babkari and his wife have also been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence.  Mr. Babkari had spent the past 16 months in prison and had been exiled from “Piranshahr”.  Mr. Babkari ran a Kurdish/Farsi newspaper called Reyvan which was suspended by the authorities.

Also last week three students from Mariyvan who were studying in Orumiyeh and Sanandaj universities have been arrested along with a number of other residents from Maryvan.

It must be noted that absolutely no information has been given to the families of the individuals arrested.

There has also been reports of arrests in the city of “Iylam.” A teacher  named Mohammad Melki was arrested a week ago by security forces and there is no news about his whereabouts.

Secutiry Forces in Iran shot a child in the city Sardasht

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: A seventeen year old child was purposefully shot down and killed by the forces of the regime as he was driving in the city of Sardasht.  


On Sunday May 4th, Shirzad Malayi, a seventeen year old boy who was from the village of Vashmezin was killed by gunfire.  Witnesses say that prior to the shooting, there were no warnings given to him to stop his car.  

These illegal shootings in the different areas of Kurdistan claim the lives of tens of innocent and unsuspecting Kurds every year. No clear explanations are provided to the families of these victims.

Another Suicide in Allameh Tabatabai University

Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan:  On Tuesday April 28th 2009, Mr. Ali Ghorbani a law major in Allameh Tabatabi University in Tehran committed Suicide and passed away.

 Mr. Ghorbani who was in his 4th term of studies, committed suicide due to social and psychological problems faced by many students in the Iranian society.  He was resident of the city of “Damghan” was only 20 years old.

 It must be noted that although there has been at least 10 suicides in Allameh Tabatabai University recently, the university officials continue to ignore the problems faced by many students and further continue to suspend and expel students from university due to their social or political activities.